Micheal Nel

Specialises in measuring, manufacturing, fitting and supplying of quality prosthetic devices.

Andrea le Roux

Specialist in Breast Prostheses and Post-Operative Mastectomies.

About Michael Nel Prosthetics

At Micheal Nel Prosthetics we cater for the needs of the individual and for those who demand a comprehensive and efficient service of the highest standard and quality.

Whether you require a “state of the art” high-activity prosthesis, a Lightweight prosthesis or a Budget prosthesis, we can tailor make your prosthesis to fit your individual lifestyle and needs. We even have a specialist in the field of Breast Prosthesis. With an emphasis on quality, respect and the complete understanding of the needs of our client’s, our aim is to supply quality products to best overcome the client’s challenges. We believe that no client should live with pain and should rather continue a life with comfort and joy.

Jumping Kids Organisation

Micheal Nel Prosthetics support Jumping Kids

Technology has come a long way to enable amputees.

Most young South Africans living with amputation are limited more by health policies than their actual physical ability. At Jumping Kids, the dream is to provide prosthetic solutions geared for optimum results while boosting awareness and advocating for change.

Jumping Kids Is Ability!