Low Activity Prosthesis

Designed to enable single or slightly varied speed ambulation.
Daily activities involving limited and steady walking with minimal loading force on the prosthetic foot and knee.

Low Activity prosthesis are designed to enable single or slight varied speed walking.

This prosthesis is typically made for people whose daily activities include going to the shops, doing some household chores and walking in their gardens.

These prosthetics are made up of entry level components.

Who is this type of prosthesis best suited for?

Cost Effective

Around the House and Garden

Daily Activities

Shopping and short walks


At Micheal Nel Prosthetics we will work with you to design and select a prosthesis that will best suit your needs,
taking into consideration the different aspects of your lifestyle and personal requirements.

Testimonials and Clients

At Micheal Nel we understand our patients and love to hear about their experiences with Micheal Nel Prosthetics.
Below we showcase some recent testimonials.
Yvonne Mukombe
South Africa

My deepest and humblest gratitude to Michael Nel and Cape Town Society for the Blind who have made  my life change dramatically with a very special & wonderful gift of a prosthetic leg.

In December 2009, i was involved in a serious car accident that fractured both of my legs badly. After some time due to complications, I had one leg amputated. Little did i know how my life was going to turn out from being an able person to disabled. In the midst of all the predicaments, I learnt to put my trust in the Lord God. Now i can testify that it wasn’t easy but I was worth it.

My perception has now changed to “disabled but very able”. Thank you always and God bless you.

Rowena Webb
Cape Town

This letter to you is to affirm my appreciation for all you have done for me since I became an amputee. Your encouragement, positivity and belief in me have helped me in exponential ways to get on with my life.

You always have time for me no matter when in the day I have a question. I still work daily, drive my hands control vehicle, exercise 3 times a week with the help of a biokeneticist and have a full social life. In fact most times I have to remind myself that I am an amputee as you have never treated me as if I don’t have limbs – you have helped me believe that “Impossible is Nothing” (which has become my life mantra)
Coming to your rooms is like seeing old friends and nothing is ever a problem for you to help me with.
Once again thank you so much for all you do for me and other amputees – we are indeed very fortunate to have you.