Breast Cancer and breast prosthesis

Breast cancer is one of the leading cancers which affect women and it is seen as a serious disease which could lead to the loss of a breast. The diagnosis of breast cancer in women has an immense impact and effect on a woman’s life and those who are close to her. Each woman has to deal with it individually but it’s important to have a strong support group and backup from others.
breast prosthesis

Should you consider wearing or using a breast prosthesis please note the following:

Wearing the correct fitted bra and breast form will restore confidence and improve self image for any woman who had a mastectomy surgery. The fitting of a breast prosthesis is a specialized field and we offer a variety of breast forms to suite the patients needs including colour, shape and texture. Prosthetic bra’s are also available in different styles and colours to choose from.

Importance of wearing a breast prosthesis

Maintains natural posture and improves appearance

Neccesary to avoid obvious difference in the size of the breasts as it may draw attention to appearance

Prevents a spinal curvature as a result of imbalance in the body and a shoulder drop

Better fitting of clothing

Further information on Breast prosthesis

breats cancer

Breast prosthesis fitting – a specialized service

The breast forms are fitted by a qualified female Orthotist

Specific breast forms for different types of mastectomies

Private consultation

Variety of breast forms and bra’s available to suit individual needs

Types of breast forms (prosthesis)

Foam breast form (temporary wear after surgery)

Breast forms for swimming

Silicone breast forms (full time, daily wear)

Prosthetic bra’s

Choosing the correct bra is essential and depending on the surgery, bra size and the type of prosthesis, the bra and breast form is then selected. The prosthetic bra’s has the following design features:

Wide, padded shoulder straps

Good separation between cups

Supportive under band

Full cup coverage

Inner pockets in breathable cotton to hold breast form securely